A s m u n d   a n d   V i r g i e

Base Leader and Social worker 

Hi, we are Asmund and Virgie. Virgie's nephew lives with us as his mother is unable to care for him. Asmund is from Norway and first came to the Philippines in 1984. After working in the so called “red light” area in Manila, he joined the work in Olongapo in 1988 and led the ministry from 1992-2001. He lived back in Norway for family matter until Nov. 2015 and joined the ministry again after marrying Virgie from Butuan City (Mindanao). I (Virgie) was a disciple in this ministry for a month and sent to a DTS in Antipol. I become staff in 1986 and one year later took SCAD (School of Creative Arts and Drama). After that I took one year out of YWAM to work for the needs of my children as they were going to school. God showed me in dream about going back to Olongapo I didn’t want my boys to remember what was my work was before I had a relationship with God. The amazing thing is that God opened a door for me to back in the ministry of YWAM Olongapo in 1989, which was when I first met Asmund. I worked with Asmund many years under his leadership until he handed the leadership over to me because he had to go back to Norway. In May 2015 God made it clear that we should be together and Asmund was free to relocate to the Philippines.In July I flew to Norway and we got married in August 2015. I always dreamed to marry someone who also had a heart for this ministry, God knew my hearts desire. We love the work we do here because we see Jesus’ power to change the lives of prostitutes and this kind of ministry really leads you to have to hold onto God each day.