Team testimonials

We have been so blessed for many years having numerous teams coming here to work with us. We asked a few of the people who have been here on team to write down some of their stories from their experience here. 

There was this time about a week into our outreach in Olongapo, where we found ourselves hiking up to a remote tribal village. I was supposed to speak at the church we were visiting, and simply tell my testimony to the congregation. Except there was one thing that was holding me back: I have a huge fear of public speaking. I’ve never been one to open up to people easily, let alone open up to a crowd of people. As we were walking up to the village, I was reciting my testimony in my head over and over again. I was stressing out because I knew I wasn’t meant to talk in front people, I never have. Once we got up to the village, we entered into the little church, and the worship had already started. As I watched the people in the church worship, I could see they genuinely were in love with Jesus. The way they clapped to the songs off beat, or sang off key, it showed they would do anything to worship and give Him praise. It brought a peace to my heart, and when I was about to go up on stage to speak, I realized I wasn’t so nervous to speak anymore. I started to share my testimony, it was strange at first, but as I opened up, all the congregation did was accept me. They didn’t judge me at all, they just reflected the love that the Father has for us. I went up there worried to talk in front of these people, but then I realized by the end of it God used this experience to remove my fear of public speaking. As I was finishing up my testimony, I was so thankful that I was taken out of my comfort zone. Because I knew that if I stayed within those comfortable borders, I would never have stepped out and been used by God. 

 - Hannah Chirkoff, Fire and fragrance DTS student 2015-16, YWAM Kona

As a team we found that we loved going to the prison every Friday! Even when there was another team that was leading the service we still wanted to be apart of what went on there that we just had to join along. During one of the Friday's we were there, we split into small groups for prayer. Amongst the teams for prayer we had the smallest group but now looking back at it, what The Lord did would have looked different if there were more in the group! We asked the women if they had any prayer requests: one women broke into tears. Through translation: we found that ever since she had been put into jail, with her husband on the run, she had no idea where her 16 year old daughter was. And she was fearful for the worst! However instead of doing all the praying we Asked if she would be willing to pray out loud for her daughter, and we would close in prayer in agreement. She started to pray in English however we asked if she would pray in her mother tongue, because God doesn't just speak English. And then it all started, she didn't just pray a quiet little prayer, she interceded for her daughter. I don't understand Tagalog but I could feel the presence of the Lord as this woman was praying for her lost daughter. After many more tears we closed in prayer. It was a little discouraging leaving because all we did was pray for this woman, we didn't have the "power" to find her daughter. However we went back the next week and this woman ran up to our team and she brought another woman with her for translation and through the translator she said "my daughter has been found, she is OK" and through tears she said "thank you" . I was discouraged in the beginning because all we did was "pray" with these women, we couldn't free them we didn't have any government power to change their hearing dates or the ability to take away The feeling of hopelessness but then I realized God set the captives free and the hope that she was looking for is only found in Jesus and He answers prayers! it was really cool to see the power of prayer and see God move because He loves people!

 - Morgan Blakenship, Justice DTS Team leader 2016, YWAM Oxford

Bar ministry has been completely world changing. When stepping onto Barretto Street our team had no idea what to expect. For me getting in the Jeep was when it really set in that the ministery we were sent here by our Father to do was finally starting. This was the first day that I truly understood the way God's heart broke over prostitution. We met many Lady Boys, and women who's faces will forever be in my memory. Barretto really was a challenging atmosphere to come to but God really showed how much greater He is then any power in those bars.  I met  2 girls in a bar called Tropical Rosie's and God allowed us to build a beautiful relationship. I made another friend  in a bar called "Wet Spot." When we met she had just got off break and we got to sit and talk for quite awhile before I had to leave. She told me stories about her son and right away i felt God's love for her. When we had the opportunity to go to Angeles City I knew we had a whole new world to step into. Some of the bars stood stories high, filled with hundreds of women, and customers putting a price on how much their time was worth. It was challenging but having God's hands entirely around my mind, body, and spirit, showed me a whole new understanding of Romans 8:37 and that "we are more than conquerors." Every time we went onto Walking Street, God showed up in a whole new way. Having Mirabel, and Lisa always pushing us made a huge impact and God really stepped into our ministery. Chalk evangelism, and worship in the street really shifted the atmosphere when going into the bars. Dragon Bar was the first one I walked into, I was with my two team leaders as well as Mirabel and right away God started working. Conversation in Angeles was unique, and sometimes more challenging but God really designed our divine appointments. God Bless the Philippines

 - Hailey Brown, YWAM Zion DTS student 2016