Here at YWAM Olongapo we do not offer any YWAM training schools, but we do serve as an outreach location for teams. We offer short term and long term opportunities where teams can partner with us in the work we do here. Opportunities include serving the base, children's ministry, bar evagelism, park evangelism, tribal ministry and prison ministry. 

We offer two kinds of oureaches:


Two to three months (or the maximum outreach duration) working with us. This would include a few weeks to get to know the base and the ministry we do., 7-10 days outreach to another location in the Philippines (for example island or mountain ministry), and then returning to Olongapo to follow up the work started in the first few weeks, continuing the relationships made with people on and away from the base. During this time you would be able to get involved with all the ministry opportunities mentioned above, as well as teaching and getting alongside the women, staff, children and teenagers on the base.You will be able to work alongside the staff and see the ministry from many angles. We are also able to offer a week (or however long you wish) to do ministry at our smaller bases in Pasay or Angeles.


We offer a minimum of 14 days outreach duration. During this time you would be able to get involved with all that we do on the base and all the ministry opportunities mentioned above as well as the possibility of a one night bar ministry trip to Angeles City.