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April 16, 2018


We are thankful to have Sharon for a week here in the ministry. She was here 5 years ago, she lead an outreach team here. It was a privilege for us to have a four days teaching from her on how to study the bible. Through digging the book of Philemon, we discovered a lot of spiritual insights and riches. Praise God for sending Sharon here to help us  how to look through the bible and on how to be rooted in the word of God.


Praise Report:

1. Praise God for the revelations that the staff, disciples and teenagers received during the teaching on how to study the bible.

2. Praise God  for the riches that is in His Word.


3. Praise God for using Sharon to help us  how to approach the bible and dig the riches that is in it.


4. Praise God for revealing His heart, His will, His nature and character through His  Word. 







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