Life in the ministry September 2019

September for us was generally a quiet month. We carried on with our normal activities like livelihood, childrens ministry, worship, intercession and teaching. As well as celebrating the birthdays of the month as is our tradition on the last Friday of the month. SInce August we have had ongoing work going on with our building, so at times it forced us outside of the building. We are currently in rainy season, so have been making the most of the times that there is no rain. We have also had a new woman join our program from our drop in center in Pasay. She is currently in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy, but her other children don't currently live with her. We are looking forward to seeing what God will do in her life. Our children are still going to school and preparing for their upcoming exams. Take a look at the video below to see a bit more of what we got up to.