Life in the ministry February 2019

In February, we have had a number of visitors from Norway. We are thankful for all they gave to the ministry in time, love, teaching, fellowship and gifts. We were also able to take the women and the children who live at our shelter out for valentines day for them to remember and see God's love for them. Our evangelism team have carried on with their Bible studies in Olongapo and Angeles with women from the bars or streets, praise God for the openness and willingness in the hearts of those we have made connections with. We came together to take our annual base photo and it is amazing to see what has changed and what God has done in the last year. On top of all of this we have been carrying on with our regular activities, our students have been busy with their projects at school, our staff have been coming to the end of their teaching on trauma from a local social worker and our two ALS students have taken their exams and we are excited to find out the results at a later date. Take a look below to see a bit of what we got up to.