Igjen saa onsker jeg/vi her paa basen I Olongapo aa takke Finn Ausdal ,FFM, for tiden vi fekk vaere ilag. Det er altid like inspirerende naar du kjem paa besok og vi setter stor pris paa det. Maa Guds velsignelse vaere med deg.

Grateful to have Finn visiting us in YWAM Olongapo for 2 weeks. He was battling with stomach infection, but praise God it didn't stop him from doing what he need to do and going to places where he need to go. He spent quality time with every staff through breakfast fellowship and bringing out all the disciples for a dinner. We as YWAM Olongapo base were so blessed to have him. He is blessed to be a blessing. One thing that Finn impacted the staff when he shared in the staff devotion about Israel, showing the real stories situation what is happening in the land. It was an eye opener . Thanks God for the life of Finn. May the Lord bring more increase in his personal life and see breakthroughs of God's promises. God health and long fulfilled life to be upon Finn and his family and love ones.

From YWAM Olongapo, we declare Shalom!