It was such a blessing to our kids to have an exposure in Zoobic Safari. Thanks God for the visitors from England who made it possible for them to go there. The kids were so happy seeing different animals which they have seen only in television- like tiger, lion, ostrich, giraffe, crocodile, etc. It was an amazing experience for them. It was also a different experience for them physically touching the snake, lion and tiger. The kids said they were not afraid to touch them. It was a learning adventure and fun.

"All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made". -John 1:3-

Praise Report: 1. Praise God for blessing the kids with the Zoobic exposure through the England team. 2. Praise God for this learning- adventure experience in Zoobic Safari. 3. Praise God for His protection, fun and joy. 4. Praise God for the revelation the kids have gained that only God can make animals. God is the only creator who can give life to them.