Discipleship Ministry

We would  like to extend our warm greetings. And a big Thank you to Sim's Church Family in Norway.Thank you so much for your great kindness and generous heart in giving  especially in blessing our Disciples to have this wonderful time to experience to go out.For most of our disciples haven't really experience to eat outside in a nice restaurant or even watched movies in the cinema.We had our life group activities and we do it as well outside.Its great to see that everyone are enjoying their time.

Mary jane 35 year old,a single  mother.She has been a here for almost 4 years under the Discipleship training program in YWAM Olongapo. We praise Jesus for the divine favor Mary jane won the competition in the noon time tv show. "Sugod  Bahay One for all, All for one."Eat bulaga show,her name was picked in the raffle.Our God is good,she knows the need of Mary jane she will be able now to start a new small business in preparing her when she go out in the ministry.She's indeed  very grateful for the opportunity that was given to her.She is now starting her small store bussiness here  in Ywam. 

Prayer Concern:

 Please pray for the Ywam Olongapo Ministry that will be able to help more woman to reachout  in the red light district.

Please pray for us, to find sponsors to the girls in collage.

Please pray that will have more people that will partner with us and willingly commit themselves to support financially in our ministry here in Ywam olongapo.    

Please we encourage you to join and support us in prayer especially in our ministry we need God's wisdom and strength in dealing with our disciples in their daily basis. 

Please pray for  God's wisdom for Mary jane that she will do the right thing in every decesion she will make.especially in racing his son in a godly way.