Faith - came to Ywam Olongapo in March 20.2016.She has been a full time staff here for amazingly almost 2 years.

1.Why did you come to YWAM Olongapo?

I came to YWAM Olongapo in Obedience to God's leading and direction that I got last February 2016 when I was seeking for my next step. That season I considered going out from YWAM since I had been through financial struggles of not having enough support. And was thinking that maybe this is not where God calls me.

2.What or who inspires you?

Personally, it was really God Himself who inspired me that time to join in this kind of ministry. God used Grace Cho, a Korean friend who prayed for me to work here. I received a message from her saying that "God asked me to pray for you that you will work here in YWAM Olongapo". This message was strong for me. Then I started praying about it. God has given His confirmations through people. His peace and joy lead me as well.

3.What are you looking forward during your time at YWAM OLONGAPO?

In my time here in YWAM Olongapo, I am looking at God's work through His people in bringing heaven on earth. I am looking at how God will move in every individual in bringing inner healing and restoration. I am so thankful that God sent me in the training in FCM- Foundations for Counseling Ministry. It enable me to be used effectively for counseling the women here and to be used by God as His instrument for inner healing to bring wholeness.

4.What is one thing God taught you this year ?

One thing that God taught me this year is to be fully dependent on Him and to establish a prayer culture. For apart from Him, I can do nothing. To rely on His wisdom and His specific instructions to accomplish His purposes through me.

5.What is the most challenging moment you experience while in mission?

The challenges that I encountered in missions was lack of financial support. And last January 2017 I was really challenged of wrong accusations by one person whom we counselled. I praise God of His Word and promises which strengthens me that time. God really vindicates His true servants.

6.What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my spare time, I enjoy reading books that helps me grow in my walk with God. I also enjoy watching christian videos in Youtube that enriches my relationship with God. I also enjoy praying, spending time in prayer and intercession.

7.What is your expectation from God this season?

My expectations from God this season is to reveal Himself more to me. To give me a heart that longs after Him everyday. To have a breakthrough mentality. He will raise me up to be a mature bride of Christ- blameless, complete and lack nothing.

8.If you can travel in any country where would you go ?

Israel is the country that is in my heart. I am looking forward to be in Israel this year in October and hopefully until December. I desire to understand Israel and the Hebrew people, be submerge to the culture and to have the heart of God of this nation. I want to be a blessing in whatever way to the Jews. I have a heart for a long term ministry there in the future.

9.If there is one thing you will ask God ,what it is ?

If there is something I will ask God for, I ask for a deeper intimacy with Him, to shine for His glory and bring heaven on earth. I also ask for the salvation of my family. In His time and ways, I desire to be married to the person he designed and reserved for me.