Onto the next season

Meet Cecil, she came into our ministry in October 2017. Last year one of her children who suffered from Cerebral Palsy died at the age of six and since then ran away from her home island. Her sister has been on staff with us for 5 years, so she came here looking for help and since then became a disciple here in the ministry. Since being with us she has really got involved in everything we offer here and we can really see how God is working in her life. In December 2017 she gave birth to a baby girl and now she finds herself in a transition. She left her son on her home island, has loose ends she needs to tie up and she also really has a heart to help look after her parents. So now it is her time to go back to the island and take the next step. We are happy to see how far she has come and are also happy to see her willing to face the things she ran away from last year. We believe that this has been an important time in her life and we really want to ensure she has all she needs spiritually, mentally and physically to be able to step forward into the next season. We are looking to connect her with one of the churches on the island so she still has people to disciple her and we are also looking at what we can do for her now before she travels to prepare her for the transition.

In order for her to be able to go home we are looking to raise some money to send her on the boat home and also provide her with a start up for a food business so that she can be in a position to help provide for her family. Our aim is to be able to send her by boat on the 16th February. We are looking to raise at least 15000 PHP (300USD) to cover her travel and also to help set up a mini store for her to run. Even though she is related to one of our staff we believe God brought her here for a reason and a purpose and thats why we really want to help her in her next steps.

If you can partner with us in this need please get in contact at ywamolongapo@hotmail.com

Thank you and God bless