We have a long vacation but the disciple just stay on the base. now, we continue to work in paper production, card making and scrapbooks.After christmas and New year celebration we all resume and back again in tamar last January 08,2018.And also 6 of our disciples under the Discipleship training program are taking(ALS)-Alternative learning school this year. 2 of them are in the Elementary grade and 4 other girls are in high school year. It's so good and Inspire us that they are now pursuing their dreams to finish their study.

Prayer Points:

  • Please pray that will have more funds here in Tamar Livelihood program to help more women in social rehabilitation,to provide them with skilled training in paper and card making to further their education or qualifications and equip them to integrate back into a "normal" society. Getting their jobs away from the sex Industry. And to financially support themselves and their children when they live the center.

  • Please pray for us, to find sponsors to the girls in college.Pray for Tamar and our Livelihood projects.

  • Pray for us as we deal with our disciples on daily basis.

  • Pray for unity and wisdom.

  • Increase in sales income in our Livelihood products.Such as abaca colored paper,greetings card, picture frames and scrapbooks.

  • To cope up with the needs of our Disciples and workers to reach our goals and purpose here in Tamar.

" Thank you so much for your support and timeless energy in standing with us through pray.

May the Lord bless you greatly in return."