Anabelle - came to Ywam Olongapo April 04, 2007. She has been a full time staff here for almost amazingly 10 years now. see and check more about her.

Why did you come to YWAM Olongapo?

On the year 2001 in the month of February till march we had an outreach in CDTS - Cross Discipleship Training School here in Ywam Olongapo ministry. The leader and staff in our school prayed for the outreach locations. God speak to them to go in prostitution ministry to help the women's and children. When I found out that we're going to Ywam olongapo I was so excited and have a peace on my heart that I know I will be able to come and join my team in Olongapo.Even though it was really a challenging for me ,I know in my heart that I just really need to trust God completely to make a way for me throughout my entire outreach location,He is faithful to provide.One of my classmate in our school is also one a former disciples in Youth With A Mission Olongapo.That is why I was more excited and so happy to help in the best way I can to bless and support the ministry in Olongapo during our outreach time.And to encourage and share my life to them in how I encounter God,and how he uses me as a single parent to bless others.

What or who inspires you?

A person that Lord really used to inspire and motivate me is Pastor Lastimado and his wife Elsie a former Ywamer who have been staffing in Ywam Surigao.I've seen their life how they walk and live by faith each day. Many DTS outreach teams that come and stay in our Islands.they come with great passion and boldness in sharing their life being transformed by God in so many different ways.I've seen in how many christian missionaries live by faith and fully trusting and serving the lord in the mission field and the Lord faithfully blessing them. 10 years ago after my Husband had an accident and died from fishing.It was a very lowest point of my life.I became so depressed and not knowing what will I do,and my son was only 3 months old,I really want to give up but I know in my heart that I need to keep fighting for my son sake.Life must go on.Out of my great desperation I cried out to God and seek for his help and guidance in order for me to overcome all of this.I know deep within my heart that the Lord has a great plan and a purpose in our life with my son David.After 2 years I was compelled to take a school in Mission, for it has been my desire to serve him . I seek God for his plan for me and my son and whatever his calling to me,I 'am to obey.He give me his word in Acts 1:8 3.

What are you looking forward during your time at YWAM OLONGAPO?

As part of Discipleship,sponsorship, childrens and in Accounting of the ministry.To see the woman's will have a deeper relationship in the Lord and to encourage them to really walk in the fulness of God's abundance as a son's and daughter of God knowingly of their true Identity in the lord.Hoping that their children will grow up in the fear of the Lord.

What is one thing God taught you this year ?

To know him more everyday and increase my love,faith and passion to obey him in serving here in the ministry.

What is the most challenging moment you experience while in mission?

March 21,2016 last year When I had ovarian surgery operation.That is one of the most painful experience.It's not so easy when I found out that I''m suffering from that sickness. having ovarian cyst need a soon as possible operation,I don't know what to do at 1st my stomach is growing so fast.And my monthly period is very different I know that something is not right and I need to do something about my situation.The doctor advices me to have an early operation at that time,I don't have any idea were will I get my finances for my operation.

I just cry out to God for help and surrender everything to him."I said Lord please will you give me another chance to live. Help me God to provide the amount I will be needing for my operation.I thank the Lord for the peace he gave in my heart and mind to have an operasyon that time.God answered my prayer for the finances.Praise God he is really faithful to provide.But now i already healed in my ovarian surgery, even though I'm still in medication Glory to God.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Worship God ( playing guitar with God.) And be a line with God and teach and encouragement the disciples thru his word.

What is your expectations from God this season?

  • More passion of his calling and to obey him in all my responsibility here in the ministry.

  • A deeper relationship in my walk with God.

  • My finances for monthly staff fees and my son school needs and health needs.

  • A Complete healing for my body,that I will no longer drink medicine and my check up once a year.

  • My son David for his school needs I hope that he will be able to finish his 4 year course in college.

If you can travel in any country were would you go ?

I want to go Norway for an outreach and to raise fund to help the ministry needs here in ywam Olongapo.I also want to visit in Israel of to see the place of promise land.

If there is one thing you will ask God ,what it is?

I want to visit my family in the province in Mindanao next year. It's been 5 years I wasn'ts able to go home to visit them. Especially my father I want to see him he was been ill for quite sometime now and he has been in and out of the hospitals.May the Lord heal my father and give him more life and strength and that will still able to have more time with him as his family.

God's favor, protection for my family and complete healing on my body.