Mary anne came to YWAM OLONGAPO March 21,2009 that was 8 years ago

Why did you come to YWAM Olongapo?

Year 1990 my younger sister Gina joined in Ywam and married to a ywamer, Emanuel Wabe .At first they were staff in Ywam antipolo Center.Then they move to Ywam Surigao to Balut base they move from different places to another under Gods guidance and direction and last the lord call them in Ywam Dagupan. I used to visit them from place to place.I was deeply inspired and moved by there heart and dedication in following God.That is why I desired to be like them, A missionary one day and serve God.In year 2008 I decided to work in Ywam Dagupan as a volunteer for 4 months.Until one day, the lord show me my next step,to take a DTS Discipleship Training School in ATC Antipolo Training Center September 2008.Before my school's end I'm starting to seeking God trough deep prayer and fasting,for my next step.God speak to me trough dream before my school finished.Things really take place when I decided to come to Olongapo to join with my team in the SUGE Jungle Survival Training program. I was deeply amazed and surprised on what I have seen the building that I saw on my dream was a place in YWAM OLONGAPO BASE.At that time I'm still asking for his confirmation on his leading. 2 weeks after my graduation,God provides for my transportation going back to YWAM OLONGAPO to help and be apart of the Ministry .Its a joy and a blessing to fully surrender our plans in everything to God knowing that he is always Faithful.God is good.

What or who inspires you?

Loren Cunningham ,the founder of Youth with A Mission.He inspired me of his faith to fully surrender to God completely and to hold in to his promises.that we are to live by faith. I was also inspired by this verse. My righteous one will live by faith . Hebrew 10:37

What are you looking forward during your time at YWAM OLONGAPO?

As part of the Discipleship staff in Ywam Olongapo,I want to see this woman being heal and transform trough Gods power.And out from ashes into gods beauty .I thank the Lord for the great opportunity to be hear and to be used by God to minister to this heart broken woman which I can relate trough my own experienced from the past.

before I came to know the Lord,I have been involved from different relationship to another man , looking for a love that I can never find. hoping that the emptiness inside of me will be soon fill in . But I was completely wrong I end up being hurt and abandon over and over again.The Lord is gracious and compassionate slow to anger and abundant in love.He fill's my every need.He came to my rescue and saved me.from stone to flesh he saved me,my heart shape by his hand.from death to life he raise me.Forgiven now I stand and now I'm free from sin and shame.If god was able to help and changed me he can do the same in the life of our Disciples.I hope all of them will able to really encounter JESUS and have a deep revelation of who he is in their Life.May transformation and great Revival came upon each woman's heart and let TRUE CHANGE take place!!.

What is one thing God taught you this year ?

God thought me last year even this year to pray and increase my faith in fully surrendering to him about my sickness,and my financial needs.I'm laying down all my cares and burden knowing he is in control.He is my Jehovah Rafah my Faithful Healer.

What is the most challenging moment you experience while in mission?

During my first year in Ywam Olongapo I went trough a lot of adjustments.Living by faith not knowing were my support will come from its a bit hard. It's challenges me seeing my daughter and her needs,made me some times sad.walking back and fort three times a day to school.In the heat of the sun and the rain that my daughter has to go trough because of the lack of transportation.But in spite of that I never give up praying for Gods provision.After a year of praying God bless us with a support for my daughter schooling until now.thank you Lord.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy playing guitar,making cards and to spent time with the Disciples.

What is your expectations from God this season?

I expect a complete healing and Gods financial provision for my quarterly check-up.

If you can travel in any country were would you go ?

I would like to travel every where,but If i would given a chance to only choose one,I will choose ISRAEL to visit.I love the nations of Israel and the people living there.

If there is one thing you will ask God ,what it is? If there is one thing I will ask from GOD? is that May the Lord heal me from all my diseases" I want to be FREE from Breast Cancer" be merciful and gracious to me that he will continue to show his goodness over me all the days of my life.