Pasay ministry update

Currently, for the whole month of November and first week of December, we are working with a team from Priceless DTS in YWAM Perth who are currently working with Megacities in Manila and contacted us asking if they could work with us as their DTS has a specific focus on human trafficking. So every Tuesday and Wednesday they come and work with us in our base in Pasay City, Manila. Even though they have only worked with us for four days so far, they have already done a lot and experienced a lot. We have done a lot of children's ministry, evening ministry visiting girls working on the streets and in the bars, open air evangelism, house to house ministry and we also opened our house as a free day spa for the girls we have met. It has been amazing to see what the Lord is doing through this team. Many connections have been made with people giving their lives to Christ, many girls coming to the spa day and even one woman who has joined our ministry at the centre in Olongapo and one who hopes to join soon.

Some of the team and one of our staff went to meet some girls who were interested in coming to the spa day. Those girls were not there at the time, but then another girl we hadn't met came. We asked her if she wanted to come and she said yes. She stayed with us for a few hours and shared her story with us. She had been abused by a abused by a customer the week before and had cried out to the Lord for help. So she was amazed with what we had to offer in Olongapo. Currently she has gone back home to sort out her children and then hopes to come back and join our ministry. Then at the end of ministry the same day one of our staff came back with another woman who had already packed her bags to come to Olongapo. Some of our staff and the team had met her the day before and had been praying and looking for her that day, so were amazed that she has now joined our ministry. It is amazing to see what the Lord is doing and even though we know the Lord is able, we never want to lose the amazement of what he does and how he does it. It is an honour to be a part of what the Lord is doing in all three cities where we have a centre.