Praise the Lord, we have now set up the preschool room and have been able to buy some resources and

equipment for the children. We have developed a daily routine (which also incorporates basic hygiene) to give the children some structure to their day and help them feel secure, with lots of planned activities in each of the 6 learning areas which they enjoy. They also enjoy worship times (with child sized instruments) bible stories and praying for one another! We have 2 enthusiastic new staff members who who are blessing us with their energy and talents.

The children's ministry has seen children come and go during the past few months and we have experienced some very challenging behavior, which has had an affect on the current children.

We are setting in place a disciplinary policy to give staff and mothers guidelines and strategies in dealing with challenging behaviors. And would greatly appreciate your prayers in this area. The children's mothers are included in our schedules. This is helping them to foster good relationships with their children as they learn to play with them, read stories and learn good discipline strategies. Our 2 newest members in the preschool room are 3 month old Ezekiel and 1 month old Jsis! Please pray with us!

Prayer Concerns:

. We are still in need of new mosquito screens, especially to protect the babies and we we would love to have some mobiles to hang over the crib.

. We need a new ceiling fan as well because it gets very hot in the preschool room.. Please help us pray for the children's social, emotional, spiritual and

physical well being and especially for wisdom for us in dealing with their challenging behaviors.

. We are still looking for people who will partner with us financially so that

we can take the children out on field trips etc as we have no outside

space for them to play.


The Disciples are all excited for their upcoming activities. We are so blessed and thankful for the heart and flexibility and the timeless support of the effort from the evangelism staff team working alongside us, teaching the Disciples everyday and preparing there hearts and minds to be rooted and grounded in the word of God. And for the purpose of equipping them for their up coming evangelism outreach to reach out to the lost.

Praise report:

Two of our girls gave birth this month. We are thankful for the safe delivery for these 2 handsome and cute newborn babies. Though we had a difficult situation with the baby of Marites. The baby was hospitalized for about a week due to shortness of his breathing and had to undergo treatment. Thank God the baby is safe and already back in the arms of his mother.

The Girls had a wonderful time during the small group fellowship. They watched a movie about parenting together with the staff. After the movie we had a sharing time about what they learned from the movie, most of them are blessed that they watched it.

Prayer concern:

. Please help us pray for the situation of Amy, a 36 year old single mother. She has 2 children the other

one is with her parents,she hopes that one day she will be able to be with her son.

. Amy also has an ear problem,Both of her left and right ear drums are broken and its so hard for her to hear

properly. She has had this problem since she was a child. We hope and pray that she will be able to be treated and will soon be able to hear . She is now taking medications for her ears, because her eardrum perforated.

Right now we are believing to be able to raise 30,000 pesos for her finances, to buy a new Hearing Aid for her as soon as possible. And this will also cover her medical assistance needs.

. Eunica is a 23 years old,single mother .Taking a school teaching, majoring in Physical Education in Gordon College. She is deeply blessed to have the opportunity to continue her studies. We are also praying and believing for her financial needs for her school fees. She will be needing 16,500 pesos for her school fees and that will include her transportation everyday going to school and her uniform.


We as the Evangelism team are so blessed to see God's glory and power moving in the Life of our Disciples here in Ywam Olongapo. We are so grateful for the Disciples' eagerness and hunger in the word of God in wanting to know more of him. right now we are focusing,in teaching them a practical evangelism to equip them to be able and enthusiastic to share the gospel.

As a team we had an impression to devote more our self and time into a deep prayer and fasting and laying down our ministry before the Lord. Allowing him to move mightily and be the center in everything we do.

Our main focus this month as well more in Prayer and Intercession as team,and park evangelism. Every Wednesday and Thursday we teach and train the Disciples some creative dance presentation and drama as well for there upcoming outreach exposure evangelism.

Prayer concern:

.Please pray for us that we may have more Outreach teams that comes to work with us in reaching out to the lost.

.Please pray for more workers and teams that has a great heart in partnering and work with us in this Ministry.

.As we reach out for the girls on the street please pray for the lord to give us keys or methods to open their eyes to see Jesus.

.Pray for the staff and pray for the people get involve financially by supporting us when we go out.


Praise report

We are so grateful and so blessed to have a new batch of disciples coming in to our Livelihood program.

They were so eager to learn new things. This new batch are so teachable and so talented and creative in many ways.

We have 8 Disciples 1 single and 7 of them are single mothers. Last month two of them give birth

to a 2 wonderful baby boys, and we have one 19 year old pregnant woman (Arjelie) shes about to give birth

this coming January. We also have 2 students, one in college (Eunica 23) and (Maryjane 36) doing ALS

-Alternative Learning School

Right now our products are all 100% handmade abaca made by our Disciples. They make scrapbooks in different sizes,photo albums and greeting cards and abaca paper.By next month one of our staff will focus to help and train more of the Disciples for the new projects.

At present ,we have less cards ordered by Samaritana. Not unlike before when we had lots of cards

to make. Our clients lessen their order due to a small market demands which has affected our income. Because to this reason we are asking ,for support in prayer or any help to increase our order of cards. And have a regular market of our products locally and Internationally,so that we can cope with all our needs in our ministry.Thank you so much for helping and supporting us trough your prayers,it means a lot to us.