For many years, YWAM Olongapo staff have been praying about ministry in Angeles City, Philippines. It is a place where there are many bars with hundreds of girls working in them, many girls living and working on the streets and a place visited by many foreigners. It is a place that the Lord has really placed on our hearts, we really see the possibilities, opportunities and need for ministry there.

Three years ago, we started renting a small two bedroom house to stay there while we do ministry instead of just going for a night each time. This house has served us well. We have hosted many teams there and also seen some girls working in the bars step away from their old life and some have joined our ministry here in Olongapo. We have been able to hold many Bible studies with girls from the bars and the streets and have even seen interest from the local neighbours to have regular Bible studies. The house has allowed us to invest time into the local community and we are starting to establish ourselves there.

Looking ahead, the house we are currently renting is too small. The house opposite, owned by the same landlard, has recently become available to rent. This is a much bigger house with 4 bedrooms. This house would enable us to host bigger teams (in the past we have had to use a motel for large teams), it would allow us to have space to host Bible studies and extend the possiblities of what we can do. We are really blessed by the connections we have made in the neighbourhood and they want us to get the bigger house and stay in the neighbourhood. We think it would be a shame to miss this opportunity to rent the bigger house, because even the neighbours are hungry for Bible studies and more of God.

Our current need is funding. It is really in our heart to partner with people in order to see this ministry become what we believe the Lord has put on our hearts. As it stands, we have no monthly funding for this ministry and even the rent for the house we currently have is hard to pay. We would like to invite you to stand with us in prayer. We are so excited to see what God will do with this ministry. We also want to ask you to consider standing with us financially, either one time or monthly, we know we cannot do this alone. Right now we seek to have enough support to cover the costs of the small house by November which is 5000PHP per month (plus bills) and are looking to the future to be able to start renting the bigger house at 10000PHP per month (plus bills).Thank you for your interest and support so far.