September 2017 UPDATE Glory to God in the Highest,


An honor to be with our YWAM Founder Dr.Lorn Cunningham ,still going strong at 82.

Philippians 2:2 Imitating Christ view, having same love, one spirit and one purpose.


Perla , Marlene, Sue and Jasper


Children Activities

Sue is our volunteer staff, she is a great blessing in the children ministry. She trained the staff that is in–charge. It is so cute and so beautiful to see kids play together.

This year we have new girls, all single moms. One mother has 4 children the oldest is 4 years and youngest just born. We still have 2 pregnant women, one will give birth this month and the other one by November.


Praise the Lord! All staff was able to joined YWAM conference together with their kids. Some of the staff joined a church Mission Conference 2017. The main speaker was YWAM founder Dr. Loren Cunningham. We were so blessed to be in that conference together with him.

It is amazing to see how God provides for the ministries finances. We have seen some release but still short every month. Many of our staffs are struggling with their financial needs.

It’s a New Season; a younger generation is coming up as one of YWAM values. Encourage the young generation moving forward with the great commission. Praise the Lord, it is amazing, we have 4 new staffs, and all are single. The youngest is 18 years old. For the long time, our staffs has been single mothers.

Prayer points:

1.Direction of the drop-in-center in Angeles and Pasay.

2.Unity and commitment and more staff in main center of Olongapo.


Perla ,Marlene, Moslaine , Anabelle, Dadang And Mary anne.


Two of our disciples were reunited with their families as God open the door for restoration. We also have new disciple arrived. In the past, we see many girls came from the street of Pasay but now come from Angeles. We had evangelism from Olongapo Staffs, it was an eye opener for all of us to see the needs in Angeles City.

Sad to say, most of the mothers that we had now have 5 kids each. Most are scattered, some was left behind in the hospital as they run away because they could not pay the bills. Others are given to their friends and family, and some in the Department of Social Welfare Development. We are in the process and praying for God’s timing in answering the girl’s prayer to get some of their children. It has been sad to hear some of their painful stories. The mothers have no birth certificate. Some of them had been demonic possess. Manifestation like hearing man’s voice, throwing up is common but through God’s power they have been delivered and set free. As a result, we see the ladies starting to walk in a new freedom of life; It is great to see how God is working in their life’s. We can see Jesus power everyday as staffs it gives us hope for tomorrow.

At the moment we have one college student soon we will have two this year.


Moslaine, Cathy ,Mirabel and Jasper

The evangelism team has no teams right now to accomodate .Their main focus this time is the new Disciples .They have weekly teachings for the Disciples. Every tuesday trough thurstday they go out and evangelism and prayer walks in the park. God is so good and powerful. We praise Him for who He is in our lives .We love to share the Love of Jesus to the people we meet.

Pray for Gods power to move as we reach out to lost.

Alternative Learning system students

From Left to Right (Maryjane 36, single mother. Erlinda 62 year old mother of one of our staff -Cathy. Lizel 32 year old mother of 8. )

Collage students

Eunica 23 years old ,single mother. Taking a school of Physical Education in Gordon Collage.she was deeply blessed to have the opportunity to continue her study.


As we go out to different venues ,we are able to sale our products.

Lives transformes as cards being made .

Prayer Points:

1. Pray for us as we deal with our disciples on daily basis.

2. Pray for unity and wisdom.

3. Pray for the finances for the outing that we are planing.

4. Please pray for us, to find sponsors to the girls in college.

5.Pray for Tamar and our Livelyhood projects.

YWAM Olongapo Family ,we want to say thank you for all the things you've done in blessing our ministry in partnering with us through your support and especially your prayers.You bring such great encouragement and joy to us, to be the hands and feet in serving Him .May the Lord bless you greatly for all the love and prayers you extend to us.

Psalm 29:11

May the Lord give strength to his people .And may the Lord bless his people with peace.