SUE arrived here January 2016,so here is a Little bit about her.

Why did you choose YWAM OLONGAPO?

I first Encountered YWAM OLONGAPO on a 3 weeks mission trip in 2000. During that trip,The Lord impressed upon me that I would return at some point.Fast forward 12 years and in November 2012 I returned to YWAM OLONGAPO as a volunteer for a year helping out in the kitchen evangelism and teaching.

In 2015 while on holiday in the Philippines God spoke to me to in 2016 I came back to OLongapo and began teaching the disciples and workers 3x per week. And in April of this year I was ask to help set up and develop a Pre-school room for the children.

As my work background is Nursery nurse and Teaching assistant .I've been able to draw on those skills and knowledge here.

I have continued to teach the disciple twice a week.My passion is to see woman came the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ,Healed,set free and growing with him.

What or who Inspire you?

the Lives of JESUS and the Apostles in the Gospels and the book of acts,inspire me to live in obedience to Jesus. The call of great commission to preach the gospel ,make disciples,heal the sick and set the people free.

What are you looking forward too during your time at Ywam Olongapo?

To see the woman grow in there relationship with God and develop into spirit empowered disciples of Jesus Christ.

Also to see the Children develop in every area of there lives.

what is one thing that God thought you last year?

Thought me how to pray in order to see the sick,healed and people set free from demonic strongholds.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Spent time with friends,travel and to watch movies that are wholesome.

If you can travel in any country,were will you go?

I'd like to see more of the Philippines,but If I will be given the opportunity I would love to visit Italy and Israel.