MOSLAINE just arrived 1st week of July, so here is a little bit about her.

Why did you choose YWAM Olongapo?

I came to know YWAM Olongapo at the age of 16 since then, I was a one of the fruit of Ywam ministry in olongapo.

At year 2003 the lord call me to take my DTS training school in YWAM Davao. After my DTS I decided to stay longer for the further Training. I join Ywam Davao for the Leadership training.YWAM Olongapo took a special place in my heart ever since because I've been there and I'm one of the fruit of there labor in the Lord. But Its still not the right time yet that time. Before my commitment in YWAM Davao ended, I sought God for my next step and I felt that God was leading me to this base, I wanted to be used by God and help the ministries here in any way possible. Waiting for the Lord's perfect timing.I'm not after Ministry or any position here in the ministry. But I'm after Gods heart on what he is leading me. I'm here to be a blessing and to partner with him. In him all things are possible. Until one day the door was been open for me. Its rely important to have a willingness and learned to wait patiently for God to direct my path. I'm humbled and amazed by his divine purpose in my life.God is good and Forever Faithful to his children.

What or who inspire you?

God and his words inspire me. He inspires me through his indescribable greatness. Trust and obedience are life lesson that I will always cherish and abide by as I continue to walk by faith in him. And not to depend on the things that i see but beyond the things that I cannot see or beyond on my wildest thought can be, for there is no greater place to be or in this world can be offer to any man. than to be in his presence. And those great wonderful people in my life who inspire me and continually believing me trough thick and thin.

What are you looking forward to during your time at YWAM Olongapo?

I am looking forward to see lives being changed and Transformed. And be a channel of Gods blessing to others specially those people around me. Not only in the staff and workers but even in the lives of our Disciples.

What is one thing God taught you last year? To trust him, his word and his promises. This was when I gave him all my worries and trusted him. In everything there is a season under the heaven. challenges and difficult trials in life they come from different shapes and forms. God uses this things for a purpose.One thing I leaned is to have a willingness to learned and to be more open on what God's dealing in our life. And at the same time to focus in blessing others and making a difference.

what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? listen to sermons like the IHOP worship and teachings online, watching movies or getting some sleep whenever I got a chance.

If you can travel in any country were would you go? I love to go to Israel .This wonderful nations has a great place in my heart. The God chosen people trough out history. SHALOM ISRAEL. May Peace be with you.

find out more about Moslaine our staff page and if you wish to support her then visit our donations contact page for more information. We look forward to having her work with us as part of our staff team