What we have been up to

Life has looked quite busy here at YWAM Olongapo over the last few months. We have hosted 2 teams: one for 2 months and one for 2 nights, but both blessed us in big amounts. We have done a lot of evangelism in the bars, parks, prison, tribe, Angeles and on one of our staff's home island. Our kids have been blessed with parties and gifts and are looking forward to Christmas time. We have been really blessed by the teaching the teams brought, teaching us new skills as well as giving us new insights and revelations from God. We hope to continue and build on what they started. We were also a part of the Jesus Reigns celebration which happens nationwide each year, where we were able to participate in the worship, parade and also presented a dance. We have also established good relationships with girls in the bars, meeting up with a lot of them and holding Bible studies, including a big beach Bible study to celebrate the end of our time with YWAM Zion. We are so thankful to all the teams did while they were here and of course all praise goes to God for all he has done over the last few months. God has really been opening up new doors, not only with the girls in the bars, but also we have started to build relationships with young people in the park. Please pray for us for wisdom as to how to carry these connections on and what churches to work with. We also saw new things happening in Angeles, where we were able to prayer walks, do children's ministry in our neighborhood, pray for healing, do public worship where the bars are and proclaim the word of God on the streets. Again, please stand with us in prayer for wisdom in how to continue this ministry. On top of all of this, one of our workers got married. We are so thankful and honoured to see how God is restoring these womens' live from brokenness to wholeness.

In pictures, this is what the last few months has looked like: