Our heart is to reach out, to share the gospel with those who have never heard it. We want to be constantly pushing the boundaries, constantly meeting with those people who would never normally get to feel loved or accepted. We aim to regularly go into the bars and walk the streets and meet with anyone that God puts in our paths. We want to get to know these people, to listen to them, hear their stories, but also to speak truth into their lives, to release freedom in their hearts. We want God to touch them, we want them to hear the good news.

At the weekend, two of our staff were in Angeles City and came upon a girl who was not okay. She was stumbling around, seemed to not really know anyone or belong anywhere. So our staff met with her and took her to get food. She was obviously not in the right frame of mind as was saying she was scared and at times was talking to someone who wasn't there. We are praying for this girl and our aim is to track down people who know her, either friends in Angeles or family/ friends in Calbayog, Samar where she is from. We are really struck how we are called to be a light in these peoples lives, even if they don't know what they are getting themselves involved in or what chains are binding them. But we are called to speak truth, to stand up for the marginalised, to declare freedom, to break barriers. Many people were staring as we were helping this girl and our prayer is that it wasn't because the girl had been branded as 'crazy' but because they saw an act of love. They saw us standing up and fighting for someone who others label, who other people may see as beyond or not worthy of help. But no matter what, we need to be declaring the truth of God, no matter what people have done or who they are.

Lets continue to declare the truth and see the truth set people free! Please stand with us in prayer as we continue to go out and declare the truth of God, and especially for this girl, lets truly be declaring freedom in her life! Currently she won't speak the name of Jesus, so lets fight in prayer for her, declare her as the Lords, lets break the chains, break anything that is holding her in Jesus' name. Also pray that we can track down people who know her and can help her.