Tyler and Sam arrived here to join our staff in April this year and have just over one month left with us here. We are honoured to have them here for this season and they have really made an impact on our ministry. Get to know them a little better here:

How did you meet?

On our DTS at YWAM Honolulu in 2013 - at a dodge ball game, discussing how much we loathe dodge ball.

Why did you choose YWAM Olongapo?

I (Sam) came here for DTS outreach and caught a piece of God's heart for exploited women;Tyler also received revelation of God's love for the Filipino people while praying for this country. We wanted to partner with this base in restoring hope and identity in families affected by human trafficking.

What is one thing you have learned since being here?

It is only God who brings healing, we can help by opening the door to Him, but it is only He that can heal and restore. Also, that God can do anything with your life, he only asks that you make yourself willing and available. We also learned how to be a kuya and ate to (~14) children, haha.

What is your favourite book (besides the Bible)?

Sam: Catcher In the Rye

Tyler: The Hobbit

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Sam: Read, Hike, eat Pizza

Tyler: Play music, Skateboard/Snowboard depending on the weather, and eat pizza.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take 3 things, what would you take?

Sam:My pug, sun block and a hammock.

Tyler: A knife, a Yellow Labrador, and a surfboard.

To find out more about Sam and Tyler, visit our staff page and if you wish to support them then visit our donations or contact page for more information. We are thankful to have them on our staff team (if a little sad that we only have just over a month left with them here!)