Construction project

Since January 2016, we have set out on a building project to extend our ministry. The plan for this construction is to extend the kitchen, renevate the salon (which we use as part of our livelihood program, for those girls with an interest in hairdressing, cosmetology or massage therapy) and to add an additional 4 rooms which will be occupied by some of our staff and their children who currently don't have a lot of room, at the same time as freeing up space to accept more girls or accommodate more teams to work with us. When it is all completed it will be a big blessing for this ministry.

So far we are pleased to announce that our kitchen extension has been fully completed and our salon renovation is very near to being completed. Currently, we are trying to raise more funding so that we are able to finish the rooms on the second and third floors as soon as possible. We are hoping to have the whole construction project completed by the end of the year.

If you feel like you can partner with us in either prayers or finances we would love to hear from you. This building project could not be completed without support from our partners, friends and family around the world.