Our eight disciples got to experience their very own community outreach recently. We hiked one hour to a tribal church in the mountains where the women put on the entire church service. This included: a dance, testimonies, word of encouragement, prayer, Sunday school class and a feeding. This event was a great blessing for all those involved.

Initially many disciples were nervous, as expected but they truly blossomed as they realized that they were capable of making an impact on other Christian’s lives. Dadang, our discipleship leader was thrilled to see the positive feedback from the women. Even our newer disciples came back with a new flame and desire to serve others. It was also good for the women to see there are others less fortunate than them even when it comes to food and clothing. It was a great reminder to remain thankful.

Daisy has been a disciple here for three months, she helped in the Sunday School lesson where they made colorful bracelets with each colored bead representing a part of Jesus' death and resurrection. Daisy was so encouraged by the pastor of this church because he travels from the city every weekend to shepherd his flock, she was encouraged to fulfill the Great Commission just as he did.

Eunica was one of our women that gave her testimony. She was very excited for this Sunday service, after sharing a young woman came up to her and shared a bit of her past that was similar to Eunica’s. She was so encouraged by the restoration God brings to all people of any situation. Eunica said she felt like she could really relate to the woman and felt God used her that day.

Both women said that they would go again if offered the opportunity. It was awesome to see confidence and excitement that came from this trip. We hope to instill even more community outreaches with the women. Stay tuned!