Since October 2015, two of our staff have been travelling to Angeles regularly to invest in the ministry there. We really believe that God has big plans for that city, but we are still seeking him to see his vision. One of the things on our hearts is to open a coffee shop to be used as an evangelism base.

We have started to make a lot of connections with a lot of girls who work in the bars and on the streets. God is opening doors, not only in the bars. There is an area where a lot of the girls live where we are praying about doing house to house or open air evangelism. We have currently got a lot of girls who we have started to make solid relationships with and we seek to disciple them where they are at and stand alongside them in their lives. We have also made connections with a local church, which we are able to refer the girls to when we are not there. We are thankful for what God has done so far through this ministry and we are expectant for more.

A lot of the girls in Angeles are always shocked when we come into the bars. Most are Catholic and think that our 'religion' wouldn't allow us to enter the bars. But that is exactly what we aim to do. We aim to go meet the girls where they are, to take God to places where he may not naturally be found. One girl told us she had been praying to be invited to a Bible study, but never expected that it would be in the bar that she would be invited to one.

When starting a new ministry, funding is always an issue. But we don't want this to be the case. We believe that God wants to see this ministry thrive and so will provide the funding we need. Currently we have been depending on love gifts, staff personal support or funding from teams to pay for our rent, food and transportation. Please join us in prayer to see this ministry rise up so that we can carry on travelling to Angeles city and being a light to the girls working in the bars there.