We currently have a drop in centre based in Pasay, Manila where one of our staff is based. This house acts as a drop in centre for the girls who work on the streets or bars as prostitutes in that area. We are also able to do some children's ministry for some of the children living in the squatter areas sharing God's love to them. Most girls in Pasay have no place to live, they just live on the streets. Since 2005 we started to rent a house in Pasay. We had 3 women who were the first ones to come from this ministry to become disciples in Olongapo and now one of them is a member of staff in YWAM Olongapo. Sometimes it is hard to reach out to girls, so we also reached out to men by starting a livelihood program, but this closed in 2012. We have since sent many girls to work with IJM (International Justice Mission) in their livelihood program. Since 2014 one of our staff members has been based in Pasay and now has one worker working with her who used to be a disciple in Pasay. A lot of our girls in the discipleship program come from Pasay, so we have seen a lot of fruit in this ministry. Currently we have some women living in this house who we are able to disciple while they work with IJM.