Our vision: to see prostituted women turn from moral damage and sexual brokenness to wholeness and disgnity through discipleship, livelihood training and educational sponsorship.

The base was established in 1984 by a YWAM School of evangelism from Manila. During that time, this area was occupied by a U.S. military base. Between twelve to fifteen thousand women made a living through prostitution during that time. Many of them were brought into our discipleship program and some are still working in YWAM as missionaries to this day. When the military base closed down in 1991, the number of prostitutes dropped, but the bars remained and many girls continued to work in them. Over the years, the vision of this base has developed to include education and livelihood programs in addition to spiritual training. We have also opened up drop in centres in Angeles and Pasay, Manila. Over the years, there has been much fruit born out of this ministry with women becoming teachers, midwives, beauticians and other professions. Many have also gone to take a YWAM DTS and now work as staff for YWAM. Over the years the staff members of this base have discipled hundreds of women by caring for their spiritual, emotional, physical and educational needs.