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Hi, my name is Art and I'm 20 years old. I grew up with a broken family and my grandfather was the one who raised me because my mother was young when she gave birth to me and was taking drugs. My mum was given the opportunity to join the discipleship program with YWAM Olongapo, they asked me if I wanted to be with my mum and I said yes. Years later, my mother disobeyed the rules of discipleship by taking drugs again which caused us to move away from YWAM. After many months, one of the staff called me and said that there was someone willing to help me with my studies with financial support. In return for that help, I really study hard to achieve recognition in school and by the grace of God I managed to recieve awards. When I am not in school I help to make paper in Tamar Foundation. I'm so thankful to God because he uses others to help me and bless me.

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